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We work to understand the specific needs of your business and industry, revealing dependencies, risks, potential outcomes and customer behaviours. At ESP Solutions Group, our business is about you.

Smart, Simple Business Automation

ESP Solutions Group help organisations like yours take control of the clock and advance department outcomes.

While the legal, construction, HR and education industries do not relate to one another on or off paper, they share two commonalities – people and time. Time-poor people cannot make valuable contributions to influential discussions, leading to frustration, disengagement and long-term attrition.

Our solutions suite is steeped in the ongoing development of your people, changing the way your teams approach their day-to-day in a meaningful, measurable way.  Employee engagement begins with simple automation solutions.


ESP Solutions Group empowers educators to feel certain in their decisions and outcomes. With our help, time-consuming processes can be digitised and costed, making room for more educators, improved facilities and a stronger school communities. We make business simple so you can get on with the important role of teaching the next generation

Empower Your People

Human Resources

In a post-internet era, innovative integrations ensure the best candidates feature on your call sheet, in your office and on the books of your employer or client. Stay ahead of the competition with ESP Solutions Group and make an impact with coherent reports and comprehensive paperwork, accessible wherever and whenever you are.

What We Can Do for You


ESP Solutions Group works with your firm to establish the issues, discuss solutions and generate buy-in to further maximise an already efficient workplace. Workflows are not unboxed and made to fit your firm; instead, we develop specific, custom workflows to achieve your unique objectives without dismantling existing, functional processes.

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Supplier, invoice and payment management can be a headache for any successful construction company, as employees and contractors spend more time out of the office than behind a desk. Stay on top of relevant records and potential cashflow problems through our industry targeted, custom business automations.

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