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Measurable Results

At ESP Solutions Group, we deliver simple answers to complex challenges, matching leading educators with best-practice processes, considering both the context and requirements of the schooling community. Invest in data driven outcomes and charge the financial standing of your institution.

Can you raise the quality of education without increasing fees?

Education continues to evolve into a complex business model; spend mitigation dominates discussions, as education reforms continue limited funding trends. Despite the impending cuts to resources and budgets, parents and students expect modern facilities, the latest technologies, engaged teachers, low student to teacher ratios and an enriched school community.

Creating savings has never been more important to the continued security of Australian schools. Although reduced funding and affordable outcomes can and do coexist peacefully, schools must commit to a change management plan, steering away from traditional document management procedures. Say no to paper.

ESP Solutions Group empowers educators to feel certain in their decisions. We make business simple so you can get on with the important role of teaching the next generation.

Simple Solutions

Decision-makers often inherit outdated technologies and administrative frustration, as most aging systems struggle to service the demands and needs of the modern education organisation. By partnering with ESP Solutions Group, educators commit to improving education outcomes without passing down the cost to fee-paying parents, reducing expenses in administrative areas to generate savings.


Introducing your school to Alii will grant decision makers and managers insight into real-time metrics, established workflows, data trends and accounts information, leading to confident, data-led decisions at any time.


You can’t manage or improve what you can’t measure. Take control of the paper-chase by optimising your existing systems and processes, refocusing your energy on high value activities and improvements instead.


Quality, market-defining education comes at a cost. We can help you manage and maximise the performance and value of every dollar for strategic, sound investment

The Benefit of Partnering with ESP Solutions Group

Reduce costs, enhance curriculums, increase student numbers, source qualified teachers and improve workflow efficiency with one platform, one partner and one solution. By engaging with our Alii Suite Solution, schools can digitise the following documents and processes:

  • Leave applications
  • Contracts
  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Supplier tracking
  • Financial reporting
  • Workflows

Cut spending, improve facilities and inspire a new generation of leaders.

Partner with ESP Solutions Group.