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Who is ESP Solutions Group?

ESP Solutions Group delivers best practice solutions supporting education excellence.

We have an established reputation for the creation of innovative solutions for a wide range of business processes across many industry sectors. We have drawn on years of experience to tailor a platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of businesses like yours.

ESP Solutions Group seek to leverage the world’s most effective digital technology to deliver affordable solutions to the education sector. Our approach to the many challenges faced within industries and particularly within education, is driven by the desire to craft “solutions to make your complex simple”.

“ Education is undergoing significant, unprecedented reform. At no time in history will the nature of work be changing so quickly as the workforce in which todays students will find themselves.” – Professor Dylan Williams

Challenges in education today…

We grow with you to support the ever-changing demands placed on your business.

We strive to drive business efficiency and performance throughout your  organisation, giving you more time  to focus on the more important things.

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The Alii Dashboard
Visibility. Control. Performance.

Real-time evidence based decisions.

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With the Alii Dashboard, you can have access in the office or on the go!

Simplicity to certainty in three simple steps...

The Alii Dashboard

We have developed a robust, yet highly scalable ecosystem of applications and services which we deliver through our cloud based platform.

For those client’s that are not cloud ready, we provide options for components to be deployed locally on site. Our mantra of developing “solutions to make your complex simple” directly translate into significant productivity gains through streamlined business processes and ultimately noteworthy cost reductions across many operational domains.

Alii Dashboard provides a single consolidated view into selected operational business processes, an environment in which authenticated users can instantly check statuses across key business domains, identify operational trends and react immediately operational trends and react immediately to notable exceptions as required. Near real-time indicators are presented to users based on their login credentials and security group membership. We surface a range of business process metrics and present the data appropriate to the industry sector and individual business requirements.

In addition to the live tile representations, Alii Dashboard also provides access directly to the documentation to which the visual representation relates. This allows users to quickly access and view materials directly from your system of record.

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Cut spending, improve facilities and inspire a new generation of leaders.

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