2020-Proof Your Talent Strategy with ESP Solutions Group

The legal industry is on the verge of industry-changing reform. ESP Solutions Group is invested in helping firms to manage dynamic talent and administrative strategies, identifying tactical automation opportunities without transforming the traditional core of the legal landscape. We deliver smart, simple business technologies that add value and insight to your work-day.

The Legal Landscape

According to Deloitte, 100,000 legal jobs will soon be automated in response to technological trends, demographic dynamics and the prevailing demand for quality representation in exchange for the best price.

“Law firms will need to have a clear strategy for dealing with changes in client demands, technological innovations, the regulatory landscape and policy developments if they want to remain competitive and ensure they attract the best talent.”

Developing Legal Talent: Stepping into the Future Law Firm  Deloitte, February 2016

In a little over a decade, the way legal firms operate will shift dramatically, as predictive analysis reveals 39% of administration positions will be streamlined by maturing automation and storage technologies. Going forward, the ability to demonstrate strategic value will be the deciding factor of your success, as clients will expect end-to-end efficiency, reduced paper processing times, learned expertise and quality service.

Australian legal firms are being challenged to progress beyond the lecture pad and pen manual mentality. While not every practice is capable of making the switch – partner buy-in, limited skillsets and firm size all influence necessity – continued success will become predicated on resource and talent agility. Clients will no longer accept long waiting times or pay for process inefficiencies.

Improved Efficiency
Automated Workflows
Team Collaboration
Skill-Specific Training
Scalable Growth Models
Information Accessibility
Service Accountability
Process Supervision
Task Allocation
Policy and Legislative Compliance
Expedited Client Communication
Value-Driven Service

ESP Solutions Group: Your Partner in Legal Automation

ESP Solutions Group is committed to helping law firms meet 2020 with certain clarity, working with decision makers and users to develop a scalable firm development plan, beginning with paper-trails and manual information streams and ending with the installation of an empowering, future-focused automation solution.

Firm-focused, consistent and error-free. Partner with ESP Solutions Group.