Alii BPA

Impartial Analysis Made Easy

How much budget do you lose to process inefficiency every quarter? Are current procedures future-proofed, sustainable and scalable, ready to accommodate business growth and department development? These aren’t easy questions, but simple, impartial answers are within reach with ESP Solutions Group.

Alii BPA

Our 7-Step BPA Process

ESP Solutions Group facilitate informed and data driven decisions. Before launching into our solutions design stage, potential clients meet with an ESP Business Process Assessor to uncover the why, what, when, where, who, how much and any potential risks impacting on short and long-term success. They act as an impartial observer and strategic advisor, advocating for the future of your business through structure and process refinement.


  • Step 1: Key stakeholders and users meet with an ESP Business Process Assessor.
  • Step 2: We discuss and document your business purpose; current processes; cost efficiencies; business risks; reputation factors; pain points; operational issues; accounts payable and document management needs, and compliance indicators.
  • Step 3: You will receive a detailed summary, breaking down relevant learnings and usable recommendations.
  • Step 4: Work with your ESP Business Process Assessor to determine a way forward, identifying desirable and essential process goals; key functionalities; workflows; designated user levels; form locations and destinations and much more, as determined by business needs.
  • Step 5: The ESP Solutions team complete a custom design and build.
  • Step 6: Your solution is ready to be integrated and implemented.
  • Step 7: We continue to monitor your situation, making maintenance changes as required.

Following the completion of the Business Assessment, the resulting report is owned by the business. Clients receive a comprehensive document highlighting potential risks and changes you may wish to consider as your business grows, without any obligation to continue before the solution design stage.

Service Advocacy

ESP Solutions Group deliver excellence to every client, including service orientated advocacy. If the Business Assessment reveals a healthy process environment, we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need.

Change Management

Our team provides support to both individuals and the collective, guiding users through the process to ensure everybody gets what they need to facilitate a confident transition. Adoption and retention often depend on our change management services