Your Alii® in Business

ESP Solutions Group has created a unique technology solution – Alii® – to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our team of experienced analysts will assess your current operation, identify areas where Alii® can deliver maximum benefit and design a custom solution for your business.
Alii® saves time, which can be better spent working on business growth or servicing more customers. It will positively improve your bottom line.

Improve End to End processes with Alii®

Alii® streamlines business operations, delivering holistic visibility across a range of predetermined user levels, internal departments and external financial processes.

Alii® Dashboard

Business barely happens in the one place anymore. You’re anywhere and everywhere, but you still want access to work essential data – you want it to be relevant, understandable and interactive. You want to see workflows, completed tasks and accounts payable processes on your phone, tablet and computer. You want complete visibility and flexibility. You want the Alii Dashboard.

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Where Do You Stand?

At ESP Solutions Group, we don’t believe in templates or making the client fit the solution. Each approach is tailored to suit your needs. The Business Process Assessment is a true market original – our analysts get to know your business down to the last detail, identifying current processes, pain points, risks, costs, savings and more to ensure our delivered solution is ideal for your goals.

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