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ESP Solutions Group is committed to the future of integrated document technologies, delivering market-defining solutions to multiple industries. We make complex simple, uniting old fashioned client service, with tailored consultation, incisive analysis and a seamless, flexible platform.

Improve End-to-End Outcomes with ESPSG Alii

We’re always looking for ways to simplify even the most difficult document management problems. ESPSG Alii streamlines business operations, delivering holistic visibility across a range of predetermined user levels, internal departments and external financial processes. With our team by your side, you’ll be able to scale your business for future growth while reducing internal dependence on outdated processes.

Alii Dashboard

Business barely happens in the one place anymore. You’re anywhere and everywhere, but you still want access to work essential data – you want it to be relevant, understandable and interactive. You want to see workflows, completed tasks and accounts payable processes on your phone, tablet and computer. You want complete visibility and flexibility. You want the Alii Dashboard.

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Easy, Painless & Paper-Free

Imagine a workplace unburdened by invoicing mistakes, time-wasting processes and niggling inefficiencies. ESP Solutions Group has formulated ESP eSmart Paper in response to market demand, a developing customisable and scalable document management solution for every business and industry. Replace paper, cut time wasted and digitise your administration environment today.

Say Goodbye to Paper

Save Time with Digital Filing

Filing documents, records, invoices and other administration essentials is time-consuming, both in the storage and retrieval of any relevant documentation… unless you’re eFiling with ESP Solutions Group. Our smart data technology extracts and converts paper documents into digital files, mitigating the need for data entry and processing. Find out more about this time-saving development now.

Intelligent Filing at Your Fingertips

Where Do You Stand?

At ESP Solutions Group, we don’t believe in templates or making the client fit the solution. Each approach is tailored to suit your needs. The Business Process Assessment is a true market original – our analysts get to know your business down to the last detail, identifying current processes, pain points, risks, costs, savings and more to ensure our delivered solution is ideal for your goals. Find out more about the BPA and get started with ESP Solutions Group.

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Workplace Robotics is Here

What if you had a research assistant that never tired, took leave or made a mistake? What if it could sit by you and learn from your habits, keystroke by keystroke, taking your own process 100 steps further in half the time? What if it was always available? Our RPA development combines robotics with our dedicated service ethos, transforming businesses one button click at a time. Learn more about our latest breakthrough.

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