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The construction industry has long been at the forefront of automation, employing drones and machines to complete dangerous on-site tasks and assessments. While the data gained from these robotic investments is essential, in-office processes continue to impact end-to-end efficiency. Smart, simple cost savings begin with future-proofed administration processes.


Building is a paper-heavy industry. Before the first stake is planted in the ground, building firms must perform a whole range of tests to discover the conditions and limitations inherent to the site, beginning a long paper-trail. Once soil tests, contour reports and site analysis pieces come back, quotes are drafted, processed and accepted, applications to council must be submitted and the time consuming nature of both commercial and residential construction drains building firms of monetary capital.

Traditional construction and building companies still process reports, quotes and requests for payment manually, leading to a stressed supply chain of contractors and deadline-sensitive clients. Documents get lost, filing mistakes happen, contractor payments are late and dissatisfaction escalates, leading to an at-risk workforce and an unhappy customer. In a competitive building industry, no business can afford the black mark of a negative reputation.

The Challenge

You don’t have time to supervise administration processes around the clock; instead, your hires are trusted to combine payroll, filing, applications, reporting, client communication, archiving, auditing and discovery into a seamless process, managing client and contractor expectations without delay or issue. While your staff are capable and qualified, productivity falls victim to this endless paper-chase, as administrators are pressured by nervous contractors to pay on-time. ESP Solutions Group has developed a client-focused platform, delivering payment visibility and project information to those who need it, whenever they want it.

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ESP Solutions Group: Your Partner in Cost-Saving Automation

We work with construction companies of every size to discover time-saving solutions. We won’t sell you something you don’t need; ESPSG Alii focuses on industry specific components, including payroll solutions, archiving automation, email communication, information storage and much more. Our technology is flexible and integration friendly, streamlining existing work processes to empower your staff to do more, faster and without error.

Administration is the foundation of every business. Strengthen your market presence with ESP Solutions Group.