ESP Solutions Group have developed two specialised suites to place the power back in your hands, delivering oversight, certainty and precise document management technologies to managers, supervisors and end-users. Scale your business with speed and simplicity.

Work-Positive Process Made Easy

Reduce business dependency on outdated tools and achieve an efficient, flexible and transparent workplace with our suite of custom technologies.


Seamless, simplified process automation doesn’t begin with planting an inflexible template into a complex internal structure. Alii can integrate into your current system, progressively moving your business forward and streamlining everything from document and print management, to finance automation and cloud archiving.

We don’t believe in promoting one-size-fits-all answers. We transform difficult problems into straight-forward solutions. Enhance your business with ESP Solutions Group.

Grow with us

ESPSG Enterprise

What if you could improve your business productivity by 70% or more? What would it mean for your finances? Your team? Your workflows? ESPSG Enterprise is the supporting technology behind the Alii solution, revolutionising the way companies engage, store and utilise data, eliminating the requirement for file rooms and superfluous systems.

Together, we will implement a measurable improvement blueprint, securing the outcomes your business needs to move into the future successfully.

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Reduce your cost and increase efficiency

We analyse your current requirements and work with you to design a plan to achieve your goals and work towards a smarter, paperlite environment.

Business Tested Solutions
Dual Powered
Access Real-Time Data
Simple integrations
Secure Cloud Software
Schedule and Track Tasks
Export and Archive Data
Straight-Forward Analytics
Customisable User Interface
Access Level Controls