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ESP Solutions Group is a genuine end to end solutions provider, dedicated to needs-based services. We solve complex business problems with simplicity and certainty.


At ESP Solutions Group, we maximise business success through time-saving solutions, matching clients with technologies that make the most out of their business automation goals and structural development. From invoicing complications to budgetary dilemmas, we empower businesses to be at their best in a volatile marketplace. Our mission is success through process simplicity.

“We exist to deliver certainty to our clients in a volatile marketplace.”

We are dedicated to developing meaningful business technologies, custom built to address problematic workflows and supply chain pressures in an unpredictable regulatory and financial climate. ESP Solutions Group believe in a consultation first approach, working alongside teams to achieve identifiable and measurable outcomes – our market leading secret?

We make it about you.

ESP Solutions Group cultivate long-term partnerships, not short-term business deals; your interests become our interests, as we dedicate attention to the little things like dependability, on-time payments and service excellence, standing by our promises through positive trends and challenging future forecasts.

Partner with us today and break the internal paper-chain, creating an efficient and outcome orientated future for your business.

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We deliver fast results without the red-tape of big business.

Founded in 2009 by Brett Fitzgerald and Darren Bridge, ESP Solutions Group began as a traditional print company, trading under the name of ESP Print Management. Our original business model revolved around the sales and promotion of high yield printers, responding to the traditional scope many companies still embraced. Following a glowing start, repeat business and a healthy referral list, Fitzgerald and Bridge observed an emerging pattern and a market-changing business opportunity.

Technologies were evolving rapidly, as business resources moved online and cloud-based solutions became an under-utilised product…although there were piece-meal players in the digital solutions market, no offering delivered the operational essentials of versatility, scalability and customisation in one cohesive platform. Fitzgerald and Bridge transformed this opportunity into a realised service, combining client feedback, long-term research, considerable experience and the best automation minds in the country to create a niche, but effective extension of an evolving ESP Solutions Group.

Fitzgerald, Bridge and the senior team focused on innovation over instant release, effectively developing a holistic suite of digital print and automation management solutions. Accessibility, simplicity and customisation soon became the core development values of the integrations team, cultivating an industry recognised expertise in matching software solutions with scalable business requirements. We are proud to provide an encompassing service to our clients, ensuring they only ever deal with one platform, one system and one team.

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