ESP Green

ESP Solutions Group believe in a sustainable, green-efficient future. Our digital document management technologies revolutionise business operations and minimise our united carbon foot-print. Will your business go ESP Green?


We pride ourselves on an internal culture of reusing, recycling and energy efficiency. Alii® is the heart of our sustainability contribution, consciously removing most or all printed paper usage from Australian and international businesses – what’s good for business can be even better for the planet.

Going Green With ESP Solutions Group

Recyclable Paper Products

Sometimes, paper is unavoidable. When smart technologies won’t cut it for our clients, we also supply a range of specialty recycled paper products suitable for most office environments.

Cartridges for Planet Ark

ESP Solutions Group participates in the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program, collecting used consumable components from our clients and delivering them to Planet Ark. Team Ark turn old cartridges into products such as eWood (used in outdoor furniture), reducing the pressure on national landfills.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Manufacturers are constantly cutting the energy consumption of new generation printers, photocopiers and multi-function devices (MFDs). We continuously review new machine releases, and take energy consumption into account when recommending solutions for our clients.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Emissions from printers, photocopiers and MFDs can impact on indoor air quality through the release of ozone, styrene and particulates. ESP Solutions Group ensures all recommended printers and copiers comply with Australian air quality standards. We also advise clients on the location of office equipment to reduce any potential adverse impacts.

Are You Ready to go Green?

Put a pin in the printer cue and speak to one of our ESP Solutions Group specialists about your business needs. You’re one click closer to ink-free, smarter paper.