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With the sheer volume of matters, documents and data flowing through your firm, the ability to access the information you need, when you need it, is essential.

Alii® Legal provides the platform for your staff to engage with a dynamic procure-to-pay process to ensure procurement compliance in a way that is quick, easy and informative for the users.

Thinking of keeping the sub-text as is– it indirectly speaks of other document processing other than AP, however I think it is worth keeping this text open like this for the non-P2P opportunities that may come from legal.

Alii® Purchase Orders

Your legal and non-legal staff can have access to simple web-forms to complete procurement requests, which will automatically follow a pre-defined workflow to ensure appropriate approvals, whilst keeping the requester informed of its progress every step of the way.

We have seen a rise in interest from legal firms for matter-based purchase orders, to help manage down-stream processes such as matter settlements. Alii® fills this need by offering a single point of entry for matter and non-matter related purchase orders, ensuring status updates and notification to support quick approvals.

Alii® Accounts Payable

Invoices sent to Alii® will go through a specially trained Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process to extract key information from the invoice. Using the Purchase Order number extracted from the invoice, Alii® will pull purchase order details to a digital invoice form.

Once checked through the pre-determined workflows, Alii® will automatically post the invoice details, images and audit trails into your Finance system.

ESP Solutions Group is working closely with leaders in the legal profession to identify tactical automation opportunities, without disrupting the core traditions of the industry.

We’re using our knowledge of firms, like yours, to develop and deliver integrated document management technologies that can be easily implemented and adopted.

Every member of our team is committed to developing solutions that support your senior legal staff and administrators. Our solutions are designed to deliver smart and effective process automation outcomes, so you can simplify even the most complex business problems. We want to help you create the right balance of process automation in your firm, so you achieve the clarity and certainty you need.

We acknowledge the desire and pace of change within the legal sector is often reserved. The reality is that businesses like yours often operate in a fast paced, real-time context. Our solutions streamline your paper heavy business processes with the ability to deliver greater value to you and your clients.

Integrate Seamlessly

Alii® complements your existing technological infrastructure, streamlining outcomes to maximise revenue.

Maximise Capital

Control process monotony and administration budgets, diverting spare capital into hiring the next generation of law professionals.

Minimise Errors

Automations don’t get tired or struggle against strict deadlines. Our platform works around the clock to deliver business critical information to the right people, at the right time.

Electronic Forms

Replace paper forms with digital forms that follow a predefined, automated workflow, designed to meet your firm’s unique requirements. Automate your paper forms to electronic documents with full escalation and authorisation capability.

Matter & General Ledger Invoices

Automate your matter invoices within your digital workflows with assigned lawyer authorisation. Automate data entry into your practice management system and 'eFile' them into your system of record. Automate general ledger and vendor invoices with digital workflows and department level authorisation. Automate data entry into your practice system, and eFile into your document management system.

Scale Your Future

Local technology, supported locally with built in elasticity to ensure readiness to achieve your growth goals.

Interact. Stay Informed. Stay in control…

Real-time evidence based decisions.

Focus your time and resources on delivering exceptional services to your clients.

What our clients have to say…

Hunt & Hunt Lawyers

“As a firm, we’ve been looking for ways to improve our operations and ultimately, the service we provide to our clients. Automating our finance process with eSmart Paper has provided our firm with even more efficiencies than originally planned – more invoices can now be processed in less time and we’ve kept our staff head count steady. Implementing eSmart Paper achieves a key objective in our mobility strategy, allowing our staff to work from anywhere and retain seamless approval processes.

I was also looking at another product and even though it was a cheaper option, it didn’t offer a complete solution for our firm. eSmart Paper is our complete solution and our finance team are really pleased with the time saving results and they no longer have to deal with the time consuming, manual data entry. We’re looking at automating our mailroom soon, I have no doubt this will save time but also reduce the amount of paper we use in our office.”

Clayton Utz

“ESP’s Alii Accounts Payable automation platform, offered the ideal balance of automation, configuration and performance. Alii is fully integrated with the Aderant Practice Management System, and iManage, our Document Management System which is key to achieving the full benefits of automation of our Accounts Payable processing. Alii efficiently processes and transacts the bulk of our of invoicing, saving us a great deal of time, effort, and resource.

The Alii Dashboard displays leading edge metrics around the payment and processing of invoices directly to our AP team which was previously hard to get. This data gives valuable insight to the operational effectiveness of our accounts payable function. Alii has delivered on the promise of a fully automated Accounts Payable function.

Hickson lawyers

“I was exploring technology options to reduce paper and paper-based processes in our firm and while I was already aware of the eSmart Paper solution, I needed to carry out due diligence on other options available. It quickly became clear that other options I was considering involved a layer of complexity – they were reliant on other systems and hardware being in place to work effectively, each with their own cost and contract arrangements. eSmart Paper stood out for us as the most suitable solution because of its simplicity – it’s a single system that connects with all of our existing systems and software, to solve the paper problem.

We will be going live shortly with the first of three phases of implementation and the technical support provided by ESP Solutions Group has been thorough and efficient, with one-on-one consultation with our staff provided where needed. Once we’re in full swing, I’m expecting our new online processes to be smoother and faster plus, we’ll be storing less paper files which saves valuable office space.”

Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

“Our investment in Alli was made with the intention of a gradual conversion from manual input to scanning. What we experienced was a much quicker uptake on the scanning solution than anticipated and consequently a rapid pay back on our investment.

Currently over 90% of our accounts payable invoices are scanned into our Practice Management system and there is a very transparent and substantial ROI based on comparing the monthly cost of running Alli and the related savings in processing costs.”

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