Alii® Dashboard

Alii® Dashboard

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Alii® Dashboard

What is the Alii® Dashboard?

The Alii® Dashboard provides key decision-making data to your finance and management team regarding budget spend, accrual data and performance metrics. The Alii® Dashboard provides relevant, consistent and visually informative charts which can be drilled into and downloaded on demand.

Finance Dashboard

The Finance Dashboard shows purchase order and invoice volume and values. The Dashboard represents the data in varying ways, as relevant to specific decision making requirements. The user can click-through the Dashboard all the way to specific purchase orders or invoices making up the data, and can download data and images direct from the Dashboard.

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard shows data relevant to the processes themselves, to assist users in identifying bottle-necks in the process. The Performance Dashboard can identify purchase orders and invoices that have been delayed in the process, and can be drilled into for the user to identify the exact purchase order or invoice that is causing the delay.

Accurate, consistent and informative

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