Alii RPA

Minimise Manual Workflows with Alii RPA

Administration workplace environments are process heavy and riddled with time-consuming tasks. Refocus employee attention on the things that count and leave high-volume administrative work to Robotic Process Automation.

Alii RPA


Robotic Process Automation is an exciting technology changing the way Australian companies do business. ESP Solutions Group has developed a synthetic robot, free of the API and code limitations placed on similar interactive tools. Our integration empowers employees to manage their time with efficiency. Alii RPA sits alongside your internal team members, learning their keystrokes and workflows until the technology is ready to capture, interpret, transact, trigger and return data from digital sources to the correct user.

Alii RPA is ideal for every business – it can interpret every language, at any time, unhindered by leave, breaks or weekends. Program weekend automations and return to reporting on Monday, ensuring you don’t miss anything while enjoying a work/life balance.

Seamless Integration

Solutions Specific Outcomes

Measurable Efficiency

Automated Trend and Systems Analysis

Truly Universal

Improve Task Times

Let Alii RPA do the heavy lifting when it comes to exhaustive, monotonous administrative work and encourage your employees to expand the scope of their ability. Professional development begins with automated tasks.

Reduce Errors

Alii RPA is not affected by bad days, sickness or tiredness; it doesn’t suffer from sore eyes or RSI issues. It won’t make mistakes.

On-Shore Operations

Bring work back on shore and cut your overseas team of process workers. Alii RPA does everything for you, right here in Australia.