ESP eSmart Paper

Simple, Certain Document Management

Get ahead of the printer cue and take control of your records with ESP eSmart Paper. Our smart yet simple document management solution reduces structural reliance on print, while improving data outcomes and cutting costs where it counts.

ESP eSmart Paper

Smart Features. Paper-free Solutions

ESP Solutions Group is committed to delivering problem-specific solutions to a wide range of clients, from medium businesses to dominant multi-national organisations. Although every office environment is different, time, cost and efficiency continue to affect even the most regulated and structured companies and firms. ESP eSmart Paper is not a people replacement – it’s a team extension.

Our document management centre drives department value, allowing decision makers to address productivity-consuming procedures and inherited problems in one place, working with a single point of contact. Imagine a printer-lite workplace, a scanner gathering dust or countless invoices automatically converted, stored and ready for payment with minimal human intervention… maximising financial, employee and operational outcomes is straight-forward with ESP eSmart Paper and ESP Solutions Group.

Increased Accuracy

Fast, Automated Processes

Enhanced Productivity

Easy to Use

Market-Tested Delivery & Implementation

ESP eSmart Paper delivers market leading functionality and business certainty, as complex issues are transformed into manageable touchpoints via holistic technologies. Our document management solution is the sustainable, responsible way forward for any business, supplying benefits such as:


ESP eSmart Paper continues to be relevant as your business expands. One integration and consistent support ensure you’re supported in your growth goals.

Risk Mitigation

Every new software investment represents an operational risk. With numerous products to maintain, it can be difficult to contain and alleviate negative impacts. eSmart Paper integrates seamlessly into existing systems, streamlining accounts payable and document storage processes as it works behind the scenes without putting pressure on workflows.

Easy to Understand Functionality

Often described as best-in-class, ESP eSmart Paper is simple to navigate, leading to faster adoption across the board and positive retention rates.