Alii Dashboard

A Single Point of Contact for Measurable Results

The Alii Dashboard is a flexible information experience, designed and optimised to meet the unique demands of your business. From the C-Suite to the accounts department, Alii is an essential member of your digitally integrated team.

Meet Alii

Agile, efficient and user friendly, the Alii Dashboard is an integrated workflow interface that streamlines complex business information instantly. Empower your team through greater visibility without switching between technologies. One platform. One solution. One service.


Decision makers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, minimise risk and cut costs. Unfortunately, most of us are time poor, relying on parachuted solutions to fill the gaps until a holistic answer can be sourced, budgeted and approved.

Alii delivers 360-degree visibility across a range of user levels and departments, delivering specialised information in an easily understood and disseminated format. Implementing Alii makes tasks easier to complete without wasting time on lost invoices, pending payments or broken processes.

Alii is a conduit of operational information, delivering oversight and precise reporting to managers, supervisors and decision makers. Locate business costs, supervise purchase orders, work out budgets and monitor processes in one place.

Defined User Levels

Visibility & Oversight

Real-Time Data

Custom Reporting

Business Learnings & Insights

Business critical information should be available on-the-go, wherever you are or whilst your team is traveling. Alii allows users to access a range of data driven indicators, from cost information to process assessments and invoicing specifics, inviting your team members to extract key takeaways with ease. Other benefits of our Alii platform include:

Cost Savings

Less time spent on monotonous tasks will empower your employees to engage with their KPIs, adding increased value to their work day while creating budget opportunities for increased resources, more staff and improved facilities.

Error-Free Reporting

Alii doesn’t get tired eyes or sore fingers; the platform works around the clock to deliver error-free reporting, filing, workflows and business critical information to the right eyes, at the right time.

Solution Flexibility

Already have software in place? The Alii dashboard can be implemented to complement your existing technological infrastructure.