Alii E-Filing

Control the Information Narrative

Alii E-Filing combines process driven automation with intelligent data requisition, conversion and storage, creating data-rich documents without the necessity of a human pair of hands or eyes to supervise the process. One platform. One solution. One service.

Alii E-Filing


ESP Solutions Group is dedicated to creating paperless office environments. As printing costs and sustainability factors impact everything from external funding to new business, a sophisticated but straight-forward solution is essential to smart data management. Alii E-Filing is an end-to-end electronic filing solution, extracting specific information – as indicated by you – before coding and delivering easily accessible digital documents directly to the most relevant people. Review, manage and process in one place, across a variety of workflows.

Automated Data Entry and Processing

Supports Secure Electronic Signatures

Customisable Workflows

Automated Archiving and Filing

Scalable According to Business Needs

Increased Productivity

Maximise the working hours of your employees through secure, seamless business automation. Our technology does all the hard work, mitigating the requirement for manual data entry and repetitive workflows.

Streamlined Authorisations Process

Expedite contracts, quotes and documents requiring a signatory through Alii E-Filing. Our technology supports electronic signatures for immediate yet secure authorisation.

Straight-Forward Integration

Do you already have a system in place? Alii E-Filing easily integrates with existing systems for a truly versatile file management solution.