Alii® Enterprise

Alii® Enterprise

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What is Alii® Enterprise?

Alii® Enterprise provides the platform for your staff to engage with a dynamic procure-to-pay process to ensure procurement compliance in a way that is quick, easy and informative for the users.

Alii® Purchase Orders

Your staff can have access to simple web-forms to complete procurement requests, which will automatically follow a pre-defined workflow to ensure appropriate approvals, whilst keeping the requester informed of its progress every step of the way.

We have seen a rise in interest from varying industries for purchase orders, to help manage down-stream processes such as invoice matching, and to ensure front-line spend visibility. Alii® fills this need by offering a single point of entry for purchase orders, ensuring status updates and notification to support quick approvals.

Alii® Accounts Payable

Invoices sent to Alii® will go through a specially trained Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process to extract key information from the invoice. Using the Purchase Order number extracted from the invoice, Alii® will pull purchase order details to a digital invoice form.

Once checked through the pre-determined workflows, Alii® will automatically post the invoice details, images and audit trails into your Finance system.


Auditing can be a stressful time for any business. ESPSG Alii will significantly reduce the likelihood of non-compliant processes and red-flag issues, streamlining error-prone territories with little human contact.


Sourcing and hiring the best in the business is the key to your success. Unshackle your HR team from their process-heavy days and allow them to investigate, scale and hire according to documented outcomes instead of spur-of-the-moment needs.


Process automation allows your people to innovate. Replacing the panic over lost files, payroll errors, storage delays and slow processing times with certainty, security and lower employee turnover. Innovating with ESP Solutions Group is an investment in your business future.

Partner With Us

ESP Solutions Group work with HR departments and key decision makers to achieve information security, around-the-clock accessibility and organisation-wide efficiency through strategic analysis and the deployment of time-saving process technologies. Combined with straight-forward print management planning – paper doesn’t print itself – ESPSG Alii empowers all levels of staff to simplify their workflow, leading to an enriched and collaborative office environment.

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